People wander the streets aimlessly, lost, disoriented. Do not know where to go and hardly remember where they come from … they are DARK CITIZENS.

La gente vaga por las calles sin rumbo fijo, perdidos, desorientados. No saben hacia donde van y apenas recuerdan de donde vienen… son CIUDADANOS OSCUROS.

Dark citizens


In every country we can see
lots of people walking around,
from side to side,
with plenty of doubts.

They don’t know what to think
under the cruel-grey clouds;
willing to find
everything right now.

Hard Jobs, dark scenes
inside the ghosty city sounds;
from nine to five
with no way out.

Working hard, money need;
Knocked out in the first round;
can’t sleep at night;
a day of 25 hours.

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