¡Pasen y vean!


English translation, for  my non-Hispanic readers, I know there are many. Thank you!
Come and see!
Come and see!
I have the remedy.
Juice that cures
all diseases.
The panacea!
Magic elixir
and healthy,
Everything cures!
You wonder:
How do you know?
Trust me,
have a drink!
You will be richer,
will be more handsome.
You will be a nice guy,
You will be revered.
You will be the most beautiful,
the most desired,
ladies envy
without taking pills
or skin creams.
Come and see!
Come and see!
Fruit juice
without dyes.
Do not believe it!
Try …
100% guaranteed,
not satisfied?
Do not come back
and problem solved.
Do not stay
with the desire
to try!
For a price
more than adjusted …
your Soul
by the Devil.
Come and see!
Come and see!

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